96% of Americans have parasites & they are stealing your nutrition & wrecking your health.

If you are struggling with your health in any way, this may be the most important article you will ever read.


Whatever your battle is. Chronic pain, cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes, cognitive challenges like a foggy brain, memory loss, depression, anxiety, IBS, Crohn’s disease, acne, weight gain & far too many other illnesses to list can be cured.

What I am about to share with you can change your life.

Remember you did not get sick overnight & you can not be cured overnight.

Covering symptoms is easy with prescription drugs, but they do not heal the original illness but merely cover them up. Often creating other illnesses requiring even more drugs to cover those symptoms. It becomes an endless psychotic merry-go-round. Consider this, that nearly 2/3rds of Americans will get cancer in today’s world. You slowly become sicker & sicker until one day your body gives out because you failed to listen to the subtle messages it was sending you with the original symptoms. Those symptoms are a message that there is something out of balance. Something requiring attention. Most Doctors, unless Naturalpaths, do not practice medicine any longer to heal the original illness. The med school textbooks these days are largely written by guess who? Big Pharma. Big Pharma has no interest in healing you but making you dependant by covering up the symptoms. The next time you see a commercial pushing the next wonder drug for a condition, more than half of the ad will be a disclaimer touting all the side effects & potential deaths & other health issues that may occur. Weird right?

The truth is you are sick, fat & dying all the while. You alone are responsible for your health & your family’s health. We can not rely on our Doctors alone, who btw spend so little time with us these days as big medicine forces them to cut corners & see more & more patients.

Look, I get it. Who has time these days to do all the research & discover an effective, lasting treatment for our illnesses? Yet if you do not, you will remain sick, exhausted & in pain. Your quality of life will only suck more in a never-ending downward spiral of suckiness.
You don’t have to live this way. I promise there is a better way, but it will require effort. I promise the life on this side is worth the effort. Pain-free, a life full of energy awaits you.
If you are like me, you might have to bottom out before you are willing to do whatever it takes to find your path back to health.
Where to start? I’m glad you finally asked. In the gut. 80% of our immune systems begin & ends in the gut. Nearly every disease can be treated & cured by healing your gut.
Ever wonder why when we were kids we could eat tons of sugar & junk food & still seem relatively healthy? What changed? Well, the truth is our food has changed. It is loaded with pesticides that kill our good gut bacteria. GMOs that have pesticides built-in are literally killing us. Our water is loaded with what they refer to as safe levels of heavy metals. Don’t believe me? Look up your cities water report online. It will clearly state all the heavy metals present in your water. They call these safe levels, but that is a bald-faced lie. There is no such thing as safe levels. Metals build up in the body over time. Once they are in, they are there to stay unless we Chelate them out. Over time these metals destroy our gut. They attract parasites. In fact, everyone reading this right now is carrying parasites that are stealing our good nutrients & leaving us their waste in its place. They deposit ammonia into our bloodstream, which then crosses the blood-brain barrier. This is a neurotoxin that affects our brain. It causes foggy brain, depression, anxieties, to name a few.

I know what you are thinking, Ewww worms inside of me? Yes, let me explain how we all have these unless we do an annual parasite cleanse as our Grandparents did. If you have a pet, you have parasites. If you eat sushi, you have parasites. Fish, pork, uncooked veggies, etc. It is in our water supply as well. You can not escape them & they are ruining your health. You pass them back & forth with your partners, your children & yes, your friends. If one person in your household does a cleanse without the other from addressing them, it will help you, but it will be short-lived.

10 yr old Rope worm

There are too many species of parasites to name, but I will share this one I passed some time ago. It was one of two rope worms I passed. By its development, it was at least 10 yrs old. It was over two feet long. Like you, I did not know I had parasites. I was using diatomaceous earth to treat leaky gut & heavy metal poisoning. One day I passed this alien creature from hell. I was shocked & in truth, a little freaked out. I mean, look at that thing. It did not go down without a fight. She caused me a great deal of intestinal pain before she gave up the ghost. After that day, I started researching parasite cleansing. It can be quite expensive to treat them, but it does not have to be. I will share with you the herbs I use to do a safe, effective cleanse. You do not have to use what I recommend & can choose your own, but this is cheap & effective. Many friends have used this method & have been greeted with a toilet bowl full of dead invaders. It’s cheap & it works.

Before we can heal the gut flora, we must first address these nefarious hitchhikers.
Ivermectin is a safe & effective treatment for many parasites. We use this with our animals. Horses & other livestock wormers contain this compound. There are many resources online that instruct on the dosage & duration to use this product for humans. It is cheaply available at any feed & livestock supply store. Make sure it only has Ivermectin in it. (Fun fact, many people have used Ivermectin to cure their cancers successfully as well. COVID too.)

I use three products myself & do an annual parasite cleanse every year. Every year, I see dead invaders in my stool & you will too.
Ok, here is my magical brew. I use Mimosa Pudica seeds. This wonder not only kills parasites but also pulls metals from the body. For a cleanse, start out taking 4 or more a day with food. A spoon full of peanut butter or similar with suffice. Any healthy fat, basically. In fact, most vitamins & supplements are fat-soluble, meaning if you take them with fat, they will absorb into the body much more effectively. After the initial 30days or so, I drop down to 2 caps a day. You may not want to, the choice is yours. I use this product to help me chelate the metals from my body on an ongoing basis. They have other health benefits as well. I also use a product I found on eBay called Parasite Candida x 25 colon detox to cleanse. It is super cheap. About $10 bucks a bottle. Four of these daily for a least 30 days. If you want to continue taking it longer, it is a-okay. You can also drop down to two a day for maintenance for awhile too. I use one more product called Wormwood/Black Walnut complex. Wormwood kills the eggs as many parasites are capable of laying hundreds of thousands of eggs overnight. They frequently do so when they realize they are being wiped out. I use this complex while I use the other two products plus an extra 30 days. Charcol is of great benefit to the body. It kills parasites & removes toxins at the same time. There was a time when humanity cooked over open fires. This was a type of parasite cleanse in itself. The charcoal would stick to the food & we would consume it & helped keep us clean, but we don’t really do that kind of cooking too much these days but to maybe BQ from time to time. These inexpensive products will do the job for most of us. Please feel free to do additional research on products. There are hundreds on the market today. Also, drink extra water to flush out all the dead bugs. You may feel some flu-like symptoms early on. This is a good sign it is working. What is happening here is your body is trying to rid itself of the toxins, which are the dead worms. It can stress your liver, cause cramping & bloating, but it will pass. Be kind to your liver during this time. It is working overtime. Maybe restrict alcohol consumption for awhile? Keep an eye on your poop as you will most likely see strange things, including eggs, worms & mucus. This is gross but encouraging as you know it is working. If you don’t see anything, that is ok too. They are certainly there. Eat high fiber foods to help push these bastards out as well. Lay off the sugar as they love it. Sugar feeds the worms & the bad gut bacteria. The truth is when you are craving foods that are bad for you; it is usually the parasites & bad gut bugs that are making you crave it. That is right; they have the ability to control your mind in a way & make you crave sugar & processed foods, alcohol, etc. Many people have drinking problems not because they are alcoholics, but they are being manipulated by the worms & bad gut bacteria. The only answer is to restore balance & health to our gut flora.

I promise to get rid of these hitchhikers will improve your mind & your health. Your skin will be the first thing you may notice to improve. Remember, they are taking all the good nutrients from your food. Then leaving you quite literally the leftovers & the shit.

This is step one to restoring our health. Taking out the trash first.

Drake Ryder


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Of the products I recommend, I am only promoting them because they work. I do not sell them nor make any financial gain in any way. Feel free to use any product you find, but do something. If you do not, you will only become more sick & tired & fat. The choice as always is & always will be yours alone.

I will place some links below where I buy my products. You may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere if you search.

Simple copy & paste the link to your browser.

If you can not afford or choose to not use all the products, The two that I feel are the absolute minimum to use to gain positive results would be the Parasite colon cleanse along with the Wormwood/Black walnut. However, I highly recommend all of these products in combination. 

Mimosa Pudica Seed Extract 


Parasite Colon Cleanse DETOX Liver product








I am not a medical professional or Doctor. I do, however, own a white lab coat, but that is only for a game we play in the bedroom. 😉
As always, consult your Doctor.


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