Quantum Science Secrets to Getting Your Prayers Answered

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Disclaimer: All prayers are not meant to be answered. I myself have, in hindsight, ask for some stupid shi-poopy.

Gloria girl, you ain’t getten Reggie back, the Universe says he no good. Yeah, like that.  The Universe/God has got to protect you from you sometimes.

Quantum science has proven that our thoughts, our intentions affect the reality & physical world around us. Lost Books of the bible found in the late 40’s & 50’s like the dead seas scrolls & the nag Hammadi library. One such book is known as the book of Thomas, which is so incredibly similar to the book of John that it must be more than a coincidence.  We all know that passage, ask & it shall be given so that your joy may be full. Well, Thomas has a very similar passage, but it seems it goes into detail as to how to get those pesky prayers answered.

“All things that you ask straightly and directly from inside my name you shall be given. So far, you have not done this. Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer. Be enveloped by what you desire, that your gladness be full.”

So you’re supposed to come straight at it with no BS — no hidden motive. In my name, (LOVE)  Now here is where I may lose the rest who hung around so far. Be surrounded by your answer means to visual it. Imagine feeling it as if it’s happened. What smells you may encounter if it were happening. What the environment feels like, etc. Imagine yourself there.

Remember, quantum science proved we affect our reality with our intentions, our thoughts. Be enveloped by what you desire. Seal the deal with the positive emotions of what you will be feeling when it happens. IE. Gratitude, love, joy, happiness. You get the idea.  Visualize this & feel it. The more often you do this, the greater the effect on your Universe. I suggest three times a day. It’s very important to get the emotional part dialed in. You gotta feel it while you’re visualize being there. You are marrying emotion & thought. Feeling is the union of thought & emotion.

This also can work against us in that we do all that with fear which is how most of us worry. We have all these visualizations in our heads add the strong emotion of fear & we are actually attraction what we don’t want in some sort of self-sabotaging unconscious prayer. Then we wonder why did my worst fear come true when I was praying so hard for it to not? Because you visualized it, you thought up all kinds of negative scenarios in your head, coupled with the very powerful emotion fear. You united thought & emotion & you had feeling, with it? You just screwed the pooch. Look, I never judge. Been there done that.

I ran some test runs on this & it worked wonderfully for me. Do I get everything I want when I want? No! I’m no spoiled Bratt & I’m cool with that. I trust the Universe to know what is best for me. Things & healings get answered more than when your prayer includes the free will of someone else. Sorry, Gloria.

If you ask for something, it has to something you believe you can have & deserve.  So don’t be like I wanna gagillion dollars. It has to be something you can see yourself having. So start out reasonable then build your faith up.  I tested with money & a vacation I wanted to take with My Bro-in-law on. It was looking impossible for the trip, but then the money came in & everything aligned & it was the best two-week road trip ever. There was also a large sum of money I requested & nearly to the dollar it came in. Just over actually. I am working on one for my Daughter & I go to Disney & Orlando for a vacation. I imagine walking in the park with her. The feel of the humid air. The smells of the parks, the screams & noise for the rides. I feel the emotions of being there: the joy, the gratitude & the love for my Daughter.

Wanna bet we get there this year coming up? I wouldn’t if I was you, but I’ll take your money. Daddy needs a park hopper pass. Lol.

I’m not saying all your prayers will be answered, but I can promise if you master this, many more will be.

I can’t say for sure why this was edited from the book of John, but someone did not want your prayers to be answered. Understand this that the Roman Government assembled our modern bible. What could they possibly gain from people not getting their prayers answered?  I’m just saying it’s not the only edit — food for thought.

Next time Amigos, thanks for reading. If it resonates with you, please share it with your loved ones.

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