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By now, you realize your life is not what it used to be. Now your overweight, out of breath & in pain all the time. You are exhausted when you wake up & completely dead by the time the day ends. You have nothing left to give to those you love? Does any of this seem familiar? You are not alone. In fact, look around you. Seems like everyone we know is sick or dying. Ask yourself WTF happened. Our parents & grandparents were not like this. What changed? Well, many things. We just did not notice it because, like the proverbial frog in the pot slowly getting cooked alive, he does not jump out. The changes were so gradual that we did not even notice. The first thing is our food has changed so much that our bodies don’t recognize much of it as food. Our bodies treat it as a toxin because it is now. GMO’s. Now all GMOs are not bad, but the ones with built-in pesticides are very bad. Factor in how our regular food even so-called “Organics” still have pesticides in & on them. The US has the loosest organic guidelines of any civilized nation. Many of our so-called organic foods by European standards is not even close to organic. Yet we pay up to 1500% more for that organic label every day.  Thank your Congressmen for selling you out. Congress also recategorized Corn syrup as a non-sugar. That is right. Thousands of products are now labeled sugar-free that contain high Fructose Corn Syrup. WTH?

What does this do to us? It destroys our Gut Biome. WTF is that? We are more bacteria than we are human. The truth is we have only 10 trillion or so cells that are human, but we have a 100 trillion bacterial cells. That is right, you are only 10% human. Kind of explains some people you know, huh? Lol. Anyway. 80% of your health comes from your gut health. 80% of your immune system is being destroyed daily. It is catching up with our society. We see it all around us. Prescription drugs have made Trillions treating symptoms better, rarely offering any real healing. Unless your Doctor is a Nauthral-path, they probably don’t really practice medicine anymore. Just a glorified drug pusher. Call me crazy, but I remember when Doctors actually tried to cure your illness & not only cover up the symptoms. Symptoms of illness are a message from your body telling you something is wrong. That there is an imbalance & it can not function properly & heal you. Listen to your body listen to the message the symptoms are trying to tell you. Prescription drugs, by & large further harm your gut health. If you suffer from an auto-immune disorder, the key to healing & curing this is to heal your gut biome. IBS, Lupus, MS, Leaky Gut & so on. All these are treatable &, more importantly, curable. I spent months curled up in the fetal position, suffering, praying for death. Then I decided to take responsibility for my own health. Through research, trial & error, I found the path back to health. I swear on all that it is holy that you can turn it all around. Life on this side is beyond description, but I will try. I feel like a teenager most days. I have so much energy. I used to struggle to get off the couch. I know exactly how you feel right now. Hopeless, but I swear. There is hope. It will take time. There are no quick fixes, but this fix is permanent. Life on this side seems like a miracle, but it is totally achievable.

I don’t believe in diet or workout fades. What I am talking about is lifestyle changes that will give your life back. Imagine being able to go for a hike with your kids or grandkids. To wake up without all the inflammation & pain that you have to look forward to until you die. You can be free from all of that. You know that because 20 years ago people were not sick & fat like this were they? You can roll back the clock. If I did it with two broken vertebras & every heavy metal poisoning, anyone can do it.

I am not selling anything. Every product or link I share I make zero money from. I post products from places like eBay & Amazon only because they are generally cheaper, but you can get them anywhere you want.

I am not a doctor either. I mean, I do have a white coat, but that is just for a game we play in the bedroom. 😉

I am a guy with a heart to share & a gift for research & retaining information. As always, consult your own medical professional. (I had to say that part) Get a Natural-path Doctor if you can.

I am starting a series on healing your gut & many other related illnesses. Consider following me. If you like what you learn then, please share it.

We are all in this together. We forget we are here to help each other.

Please consider allowing me to walk with you on your journey back to good health.

Be Blessed.

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