What is a Girl-Powered World Going to Look Like?

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Feminine energy seems to be reemerging. We can see it in all the women’s movements gaining strength. We can see it in this generation of kids coming up. I mean man, these little shit’s are damn sensitive, right? I’m not saying it like it’s a bad thing. My Daughter is very sensitive & If I’m honest, it has opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world. That is her generation positively affecting my generation. Maybe if we’re open, they could help all of us grow in some way? I find myself wondering what this new world will resemble? With all this new feminine power being released. Will war cease? There was a time in the history of the world when women held places of honor in leadership. It was either matriarchal leadership or co-leadership, in doing so, honoring both the Masculine & the Feminine.  Here is one key to observe from this past. (If you’re about to take a sip of something hold on a sec.) There is no evidence of any war.  Boom! Crazy right? No mass graves filled with bodies with war injuries like arrowheads stuck in bones, no heads cleaved in. Quite the contrary, The remains are taller, lived long lives. They were not broken down by burdensome living. The ancient text suggests they only worked 3 to 4 days a week. Food was abundant.

During these times, many of the great megaliths were constructed. Stonehenge, the pyramids & dozens of structures that still baffle us today. It stands in great contrast to what we have today. Greed, hoarding. Wars over resources. Oppression of millions, maybe billions. The poor getting poorer. Now I’m not saying I would vote for Hillary. I mean I, think we can all agree she has more masculine energy than most men. I think our system has been like a boys club for so long & perhaps women in leadership adopt masculine energy to function in the political world? It’s important to understand the world was not always like this. We need both masculine & feminine energy to have balance. There are times when it is required for a man to move with his feminine energy. Single Fathers must flow in each energy. Think of when your child is ill & you need to be nurturing. That is channeling feminine energy. Likewise, women must, at times, channel masculine energy. Single women & single moms act with Masculine energy at times as they need. This is completely natural. Yet there is a social pressure for both sexes to remain in their perspective lanes. Maybe simply being aware can help us to relax & to flow naturally This two-party thing is getting us nowhere.

In the beginning, America was not set up to only be a two-party system. Not even close. Now we have their guy gets in for eight years & then our guy gets in for eight years. Each revolution of this crazy George Jetsons treadmill where they try to dismantle what the previous guy did & it goes back & forth.  Each party, when in office, pushes through his parties’ crazy agenda. Is it just me but does it seem they keep trying to outdo each other? (Jane get me off this crazy thing.) This cycle is has been on a constant loop forever.  I am sick of living in such a divided world.  I’m tired of not being able to have open debates with my friends because when egos are involved, there can not be any debate or reasoning. The ego must defend & crush. The ego does not care for the truth; only it’s truth. Which in reality, is not truth at all.  Merely a perspective.  I won’t be apart of negative political talk anymore.  I will not engage. I’ll go all gray rock on ya. Act like I’m stroking out or something. Hey, I totally admit that many of those political memes are funny as balls, but where we put, our energy is where our heart is. I got better places for my heart.

If you think either of these parties has the answer to today’s challenges, then your head may be in the sand. It seems that everything in our system seeks to divide us by focusing on our differences, rather than focus on our beliefs in common. The world religions, for example, if you truly seek to understand them without bias & programming, you must come to the conclusion that they have far more in common than separation. Yet here we are. If nothing else, we must acknowledge that what we have been doing for the last couple of hundred, if not thousands of years, is not working. An old-world blessing is “May you live in interesting times” & we sure do & it is exciting to see where this train is going. Isn’t it? Don’t fear change; it’s inevitable. The world needs change & like it or not; it’s coming.  The best you can hope to do is steer into the skid sometimes.

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