We All Have Our Superhero Origin Story, Meet: Captain Gratitude.

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Learning to practice gratitude was a game-changer for my life.

I was at the bottom. I was sick in mind & body. I could not control my thoughts. My mind was out of control. An illness had ravaged my body & cognitive abilities & I was the end of the proverbial rope. I was close to suicide because I was in so much pain & my mind was fading away. I was disappearing. My worst fears in life were coming true. In desperation, I cried out to the Universe. I knew I wanted to heal my body. I tried to find inner peace. I had no idea how to get there, but I imagined what it would look like to be there, to possess inner peace & healthy life. I felt really confident that even though I had no idea where to begin, I just knew I would get there. Somehow, some way. I trusted the Universe completely. Then one day, I stumbled on an article on practicing gratitude. Intuitively I felt this was a key for me. So I began in earnest. What happened next was nothing shy of a miracle for me & led me to the inner peace I had been searching for. My health began to improve. I was finally starting to see results in the treatments for my illness. I began to eat & take care of myself; most importantly, I truly began to practice self-love. Another game-changer. When you really love yourself. You take care of yourself. You protect yourself from harm. You stop abusing yourself. You no longer allow others to abuse you. You set boundaries & keep them.

All the negativity melted away. Gratitude brought me hope. I attracted all the things I had been wanting but did not know how to achieve.

This practice was the key to an unlimited supply of wonder, joy & love for my life. I start & end each day with this practice. I begin with my hand on my heart because when you place your hand over your heart. Your brain releases oxytocin. This is one of the sweet love chemicals our brains release. When you place your hand over your heart, it releases this tiny wonder & makes you feel more connected to yourself & the object of your gratitude. I then recite five things I am grateful for. Little did I know this was quantum science in action.


This is how I got started. I breathe in a deep, slow breath focusing this breath through my heart area. I imagine a pure, intense light pulling through my heart area, inhaling my gratitude & then releasing it back into the world. You will feel it building, like an energy charge. One only needs to practice this a few minutes to feel an energy building within them. You can do this several times a day if you like, just for a few minutes & you will notice a shift within you as time passes. You can expect to cultivate this practice to feel a greater connection to the people & the world around you. You will feel as if love is pouring from your chest. I call this living with your chest soaked in love. This is a blissful place to dwell. This is what is meant by the phrase, “The kingdom of heaven is with you.” This is where we are meant to live; in heaven every day—good times & bad. You will dwell in heaven when you master this. Love will be the currency for your life.

Quantum science has taught us that we create our own reality in a way with our thoughts. Thoughts are energy. Energy attracts like energy. What we focus on, we attract. If your mind is filled with negativity, then your body & your reality will also reflect this & you will attract all the negative things you are trying to avoid. When you begin to focus on positive thoughts & gratitude, a shift in your perception of life will take place. I’m not saying it is that easy for everyone, but with determination & practice, you can learn to master your thoughts & whoever masters their thoughts masters their life & their reality to a large extent.

I’ll leave you with this. Those things you name when practicing gratitude that help you create the feeling of gratitude are not the practicing of gratitude. The feeling you use those words to create, that part is practicing gratitude. It’s the feeling, not the words, to focus on. The words are like our training wheels.  Soon you will not need the words to activate your superpower.

You can pull it up right there in your chest anytime you want.

You will feel it right there in your chest.

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